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Execution Clients

Name Language Network share Latest update Social media Support
Geth Go 77.6% Paravin (v1.10.26) - On 03-11-2022 N/A
Nethermind .NET 9.0% v1.14.7 - 3 days ago Gitcoin
Open Ethereum Rust N/a OpenEthereum v3.3.5 - On 05-04-2022 Gitcoin
Besu Java 5.3% 22.10.2 - Recently N/A
Erigon Go 8.0% v2.30.0 - 23 days ago N/A

Consensus Clients

Name Language Latest update Social media Support
Teku Java 22.11.0 - 16 days ago N/A
Prysm GO v3.1.2 - On 27-10-2022 Gitcoin
Nimbus Nim v22.11.0 - 3 days ago Gitcoin
Lighthouse Rust Mr. Frundles - 10 days ago Gitcoin
Lodestar Typescript Release v1.2.2 - 11 days ago Gitcoin


Name Language Latest update Social media Support
Rocketpool Smart Node Go v1.7.0 - On 03-11-2022 N/A
MEV-Boost Go v1.4.0 - 25 days ago N/A

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